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Agent Orange Families Want Justice Too
Date: Wednesday, September 28 2005
Topic: Canadian Activism

Families of Agent orange want justice too.

Family members of four RCMP officers who were killed in Mayerthorpe, Alta. this year want the federal justice system strengthened to better control repeat offenders. Today in parliament this was a very hot topic, which held the attention of most if not all of the Members of the House of Commons and rightly so.

But while this travesty just happened this year, I must question why the civilians and military population who also are living a life of hell, due to the careless or should I say heartless act of two governments, the government of New Brunswick and the Federal Government of Canada who forced these citizens to live in an environment, which they poisoned with herbicides ( agent orange ) and other vile health damaging chemicals, decades ago and remain on settled to date.

I cannot understand why it is that our politicians place more value on the lives of those RCMP officers, than they do those who passed on and are left behind with health problem, due to the negligence of these two governments, because they chose to spray questionable herbicides. One cannot help to think that what is taking place here is discrimination and what one would understand to be the workings of a class society.

Lets face it, high ranking officers have benefited from DVA because they were sprayed with agent orange / herbicides or had been diagnosed with posttraumatic stress. Whereas the grunts who were in this poison, spraying it, underneath it when the aerial spraying was taking place and those who crawled around in it during training exercises, suffer the effects of poor health, get diddley-squat. The families whose spouse, passed on because of these questionable herbicide being sprayed, are left to wonder what lies ahead for them. The children of those sprayed, we are asking what is ahead for them?

It is troubling that not one political party has the will to take a stand for these citizens , whose job was only to look after this countries needs should there be a call to war or disaster, this is how our political masters repay the willing, who only wanted to serve this country.

It is not my intention to lesson the value of those four RCMP Officers , but to present to our citizens that the lives of those who were involved at base Gagetown are every bit as valuable as any other Canadian citizen and that they deserve equal treatment and respect. I would hope that politicians of all stripes stand on their feet and demand a public inquiry be held, so this will never happen again. We must understand why the governments of New Brunswick and the Canadian Federal government put us in harms way. Visit our National Web Site .


Wayne Coady

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