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Mr. P3
Date: Friday, February 17 2006
Topic: Canadian News

Another example of the Harper regime planning to implement it's ideology of privatization at all costs is his appointment of Mr. P3 Michael Wilson as Canada's ambassador to the United States.

He is spokesman for the The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships

As he told the Empire Club back in 1987.

" Another way that we are getting government out of the way of the private sector is by privatising Crown corporations that are no longer required to meet public policy goals. Privatisation can bring increased vitality to the companies involved as well as to the economy as a whole."

Ironically his call for privatization has been the same agenda the Liberals followed, disasterously with the Firearms Registry, the contracting out of DND computer technology and now with their Super National Agency. It the agenda for the Neo Liberal State in Canada regardless of which party is in power. While the Liberals practiced Reinventing Government by stealth the Tories will hasten it as public policy.

Wilson is Chairman of the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance. Which calls itself THE VOICE OF THE SHAREHOLDER. Which does not mean Joe or Janey Canuck investor but the corporate investment community. The Big buck institutional investors who are promoting P3's.

What Mr. P3 offers Harper is Bay Street credentials he so badly needs now that he is in Ottawa. Oil money got him there, old money will keep him there.

What can we expect from Mr. P3 when he goes to Washington, well this speech from 2003 may give us a clue. It sounds much like the values Paul Martin was spouting during the election. Strangely so. Must be how Finance Ministers think.

"Look south to America, look east to Europe, but never forget to look west to China, where the world’s largest and fastest-growing economy is transforming our traditional view of developing and developed nations. For China is both. Yes, most of its 3.1 billion people are incredibly poor compared to North American standards. And yes, Ontario alone does more business with America than China does. But that’s all changing. It’s economy will grow by 7 to 8 per cent this year. And in terms of purchasing-power parity, it is the world’s second largest economy. More important is where China is headed: in the last five years, without much notice by the western media, China has become the low-cost, high-quality production centre of the world."

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