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Mexican President-elect Calderon Meets with Canada's Harper
Date: Sunday, November 05 2006

Mexican President-elect Calderon Meets with Canada’s Harper - Discussion of Common North American Currency Within 20 Years

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- November 2, 2006

The mainstream media still refuses to take
the notion of a “North American Union” seriously, yet the leadership of Mexico,
Canada and the U.S. are proceeding as if the framework is already a done deal;
all that’s left is to work out the details. We found this article on the El
Universal website. To our knowledge, this is the first time the existence of a
plan to achieve a unified currency has ever been publicly acknowledged at the
executive level. Calderon will meet with President Bush on November 9. It is
expected that many of the same topics will be discussed, including the North
American Union and a consolidated currency.

From El Universal:
[Translation/summary] “Last week, the president-elect of Mexico, Felipe
Calderon, met with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Among other things,
they discussed the need to reinforce NAFTA. Other topics of discussion included
the role of the Mexican military in maintaining security and the need for the
two countries to strengthen commerce in such areas agricultural products and
energy. The two leaders also discussed investment in the poorer zones of each
country to reduce the need for mass migrations. They also shared a vision of
the future for a North American Union that would include a consolidated
It is believed that a “solid and unified” currency is necessary to
compete in the global economy….”

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Google Translation From El Universal

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