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McKenna's Liberal Ties Make Job 'Virtually Impossible'
Date: Thursday, January 26 2006

Ooooo. My spidey sense is tingling... How about this scenario: McKenna resigns as Ambassador. McKenna replaces Martin as Liberal leader. The something happens (or is engineered) to ding the Cons so that the Liberals can sweep into a majority. Presto: Carlyle Group puppet more firmly in control of Canada. And the global capital imperialist machine rolls on...

McKenna's Liberal Ties Make Job 'Virtually Impossible'

WASHINGTON -- Frank McKenna resigned as Canada's ambassador to the U.S. yesterday after only 11 months on the job, saying he feared his Liberal ties would hinder his effectiveness representing the new Conservative government.

"While I would have no difficulty working with you or your government, it would be virtually impossible to establish the appearance of total confidence and support in a jurisdiction where political ambassadorial appointees traditionally resign after an election," he wrote in a letter to prime-minister-designate Stephen Harper, dated on Tuesday.

The 58-year-old, who has yet to announce whether he will seek to replace Paul Martin as Liberal Leader, said he believes there is "enormous value" in having a political appointee serve as Washington ambassador because of "the ability to work intimately with the Canadian government."

"It is this perception of closeness that provides a strong platform for the Canadian ambassador to advance Canada's interest," he said.

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