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White Power at the Fraser Institute
Date: Wednesday, October 12 2005

"Immigrants `heavy burden' on taxpayers Canada should be pickier in choosing newcomers, Fraser Institute says Only foreigners with job offers should be allowed to enter, report urges.

The institute argues that only foreigners who had job offers in "specified occupations" should be allowed to enter the country for extended periods and then only on temporary work visas.

The work visas would be renewable and after four years could lead to permanent immigration status. However, people who lost their jobs would be deported if they couldn't find another job within three months, says the 61-page report prepared by Grubel."

This is exactly what the big construction companies in Alberta and B.C. are asking for in order to make up for their myth of a skilled labour shortage. These so called non union Merit Shop companies want to bring in immigrant labour on temporary visa's and then return them home after finishing their construction projects in the Alberta Tar Sands. It is union busting by any other name.

The underlying premise is racist just like that espoused by the radical right wing white power groups.

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