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May pleased to see “New” Clean Air Act reflects Green Party proposals
Date: Saturday, March 31 2007

Ottawa (30 March 2007)Ottawa – Green Party leader Elizabeth May today praised members of the Legislative Committee on Bill C-30 for their efforts to rewrite the fatally flawed Clean Air Act legislation, originally tabled by the Conservative government last fall, adding that the “New” Clean Air Act looks uncannily similar to the Green Party’s proposed amendments.

“The revised bill bears little resemblance to the original legislation, that actually represented a substantial threat to the federal government’s ability to regulate emissions and pollution,” said May. “Conservative claims that the amendments weaken the legislation are ridiculous. There was not one single independent expert before the C-30 Legislative Committee who thought the original Conservative bill added anything significant to existing federal powers to regulate greenhouse gases and pollution.”

“Most of what the Green Party found very troubling about the original bill has been removed. Likewise, most of the amendments that we put forward have been accepted. The result is a bill that will lead to real action on climate change.”

Key changes in the revised bill include:

Short-term reduction targets based on Canada’s international commitment to the Kyoto Accord. The original bill included no short-term targets and did not intend to respect Canada’s Kyoto commitments.


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