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Canadian fans hurl abuse at U.S. Players
Date: Saturday, January 07 2006

Canadian hockey fans at an international tournament in Vancouver, B.C., chanted anti-U.S. slogans as they cheered the Russian team to victory over the American squad.

A Canadian columnist, who called the booing "disgraceful," said the venom began toward the end of the semi-final game at the World Junior Hockey Championship, which concluded last night with Team Canada playing the Russian national team.

"U.S. sucks!" the Canadian fans chanted.

Pete McMartin, writing for CanWest News Service, pointed out the Canadian team wasn't even on the ice at the time.

If it were, he said, "that would have gone some way toward explaining the Yankee animus oozing out of the stands."

But McMartin said the Canadian crowd "wasn't just rooting for the Russians amazing enough in itself, considering that bitter history it was rooting against the Americans. And the chanters weren't so much interested in a hockey game as scoring points against America, the country, not the team."

The columnist said the Canadian crowd's "antipathy toward the American team has been a constant."

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