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Globalization: Building a North American Community
Date: Friday, January 27 2006

Globalization: Building a North American Community

by Pierre Hillard, SPECTREZINE

The true nature of today's European Union has become evident in the simultaneous construction of a North American community whose aim is to merge with the former. Pierre Hillard analyzes this project as it is described in documents by Mexican, Canadian and American influential authors.

<snip>...the three heads of state [of Canada, Mexico and the USA] expressed their intentions to implement this program in 2010 at the latest. <snip> As the president of the CFR, Richard N. Hass, notes: "The Task Force offers a series of ambitious and detailed proposals that join the recommendations adopted by the three governments during the summit of Texas in March 2005. The main recommendation of the Task Force is the creation, by 2010 at the latest, of a North American security and economic community whose boundaries will be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter". Given these explicit goals, we can highlight the following aspects of the report.

In the authors' opinion, North America faces three kinds of challenges: "Shared security threats, shared challenges to our economic growth and development and shared challenge of uneven economic development".

To respond to these challenges the Task Force has created two categories of recommendations that go from those that should be implemented now, to those to be implemented by 2010 in the fields of security, economy and politics. Depending on the topic, sometimes there are no recommendations for 2010.

The objective of the first main line is "Making North America Safer". In this case, recommendations were presented in the military and economic fields. It is necessary to create a unique line of protection that includes the entire New World. According to the promoters, the measures that should be taken are the following:

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