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Harper is hiding in plain view
Date: Wednesday, June 02 2004

And I quote from the following article:


"His conservative views on the role of the state in the economy and his radically decentralist vision of federalism would, if implemented, alter Canada dramatically.

However, neither Harper nor his campaign team are confident that these views will be widely accepted. So they've hit upon the strategy of not raising them."


Harper is on the way to becoming prime minister because people are going to vote "cons" to keep the liberals to a minority, but it could backfire.

Harper wants a bigger army so he can impress the Americans. Harper has also planned for the largest estimate of the economy to help him pay for things we can't afford today.

He has also entertained the idea of forming a loose alliance (heh heh) with the Bloc. Whoa !!!!

Harper is dangerous, so if you want to vote strategically, vote NDP.

Even Joe Clark says Harper is dangerous !

We've had it up to here with the Cons and the Libs, how about electing a party with some good ideas, some new ideas, and give the country a chance to recover from Mulroney and Chretien.

To paraphrase an old peace movement song, "All we are saying, is give them a chance".

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Harper's low profile strategy invites scrutiny

Harper's low profile st...

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