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The Real War
Date: Thursday, November 24 2005

The Real War
How will you behave in your last battle?
By John Kaminski

Unless you really own yourself, you're just a pawn in somebody else's game.

Tennessee Ernie Ford nailed it 50 years ago: "I owe my soul to the company store."

Could it be the most profound line in American history? In world history?

We sold our souls for the trinkets - the best wine, women and song. And while we were out capturing jewels, our most valuable possessions - the kids - ran off with their peers, got mixed in with the masses and got chewed up in our scams. Chickens roosting. We kill our children and deny we do it.

We let our kids go out to play, knowing the land had been poisoned by our inattention to the important things.

Now we raise our kids to be killed for lies, and squirm in the dark chasms beneath our pillows, dreaming the bills have come due. They have.

When people don't earn what they get, and don't get what they earn, a sickness develops, a corruption. Our society is set up so the middlemen get all the money. They don't earn their money, they steal it from others who do. But this is how the society has developed, and the entire human species has turned into a culture of parasites feeding on themselves, destroying the very conditions that sustain their lives with the deluded pretense of gathering "wealth."

That makes it difficult to appeal to their sense of reason, because their reason is to rape and plunder and not get caught.

The guy who said, "Crime doesn't pay," was a crook, because crime most definitely does pay, because it runs the whole world, and the best criminals - sociopaths posing as political leaders - often wind up running governments.

Everybody does only what they can do. Everybody tries to be as honest as they can. When you have to be slightly dishonest, or change the debate in order to cover up something you want to hide, you need to look at the thing you don't want everybody else to know, and understand how it poisons your life.

Are you happy profiting from someone else's misery? A majority of us are.

And that's where we are right now. That's the real war.

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