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Next 9/11 in Canada?
Date: Monday, November 07 2005

Please read the following article. Needless to say, we may be next if we refuse to acknowledge the truth about government sponsored terror attacks:

"In an excerpt from that article, entitled The Tale of The Millennial Bomber, I noted how France's powerful anti-terror prosecutor, Jean-Louis Bruguiere, repeatedly prodded the Canadian intelligence service to tack on to the Ressam evidentiary trail by means of terrorist 'bait' by the name of Fateh Kamel. On the pretext of tracking down Fateh Kamel, Bruguiere directly led the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)—not once, but on two different occasions—to Ressam's front door. On the second occasion, Ressam conveniently escaped out a back door, only to resurface soon after, once he was busted in Seattle attempting to bomb Los Angeles International Airport in the lead-up to the new millennium."

"Once Ressam was captured, the FBI's chief bin Laden investigator, John O'Neill, along with his French counter-terror colleague, Bruguiere, led the local FBI agent in charge to the Canadians, who by then were able to furnish that agent with a dossier on Ressam's Canadian "cell," courtesy of Bruguiere's initial inquiries concerning Fateh Kamel."

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