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PC Party candidate running in Edmonton
Date: Saturday, June 12 2004

PC Party candidate running in Edmonton
'Stanfield Conservative' sought council seat

Kelly Cryderman

The Edmonton Journal

Reports of the PC Party's death have been greatly exaggerated.

Sean Tisdall, a 20-year-old economics student and self-described "Stanfield Conservative" is running in Edmonton Centre for the PC Party -- that's the Progressive Canadian Party.

It's a home for disgruntled Tories who are extremely unhappy about the merger of the Alliance and the Progressive Conservatives, but can't bring themselves to support Paul Martin's Liberals.

"What our party exemplifies is classical conservatism," Tisdall said.

"The conservatism that has a disposition to preserve, but an ability to improve," he added, quoting 18th century political philosopher Edmund Burke.

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[ Sean has showed up for the past 2 Canadian Sovereignty Meetups in Edmonton. -- JvH]

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