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Feds target gun firms
Date: Monday, October 24 2005

Feds target gun firms

TORONTO -- The Canadian government is looking into ways to sue U.S. gun manufacturers for the spread of illegal weapons into this country, the Toronto Star reported yesterday.

The action is just one part of a multi-faceted crackdown on gun crime due to be unveiled by the end of November.

The package will follow months of unusual violence in Toronto. Of the 61 homicides so far in the city this year, 41 have involved firearms.

The policy will also be seen as another shot by the federal government across the bow of Canada-U.S. relations.

The Star talked to government sources who say Canada will be looking into "every legal option" to stem a tide of crimes involving weapons that make their way into this country illegally from the U.S.

The anti-gun crime package will also include tougher rules on sentencing and parole in gun crimes, including longer minimum sentence provisions and lifetime firearm-ownership bans on repeat offenders.

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