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Travelers to and From Canada do not Need a Passport - Yet!
Date: Thursday, January 18 2007

Travelers to and From Canada do not Need a Passport - Yet!
Laws requiring passports at Detroit Windsor border will not be
before January 2008

DETROIT, Jan. 17 /CNW/ -- Many travelers are confused as to what they
need when traveling between the United States and Canada. Neal Belitsky,
Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Detroit Windsor Tunnel
wants to assure people that they only need to prove their citizenship when
traveling through the Tunnel. "The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative
(WHTI) going into effect later this month only affects those traveling by air
or sea, not by land," Belitsky said. "Therefore, United States and Canadian
citizens driving across the border at the Detroit Windsor Tunnel and other
border crossings only need to prove their citizenship." This could include a
birth certificate, citizenship certificate or passport.

However, Belitsky asks that travelers be prepared to present documentation such as valid U.S. passport, U.S. birth certificate, or Naturalization certificate to avoid
delays. And he encourages people to secure a valid passport within the year
to help expedite traffic at the Tunnel. But Belitsky says, "You do not need a
passport before next January to travel between Detroit and Windsor."

Recognizing the unique relationship we have in this region, the Tunnel is
currently supporting the Departments of Homeland Security and State in
developing a special card for people who frequently travel between Detroit and
Windsor. However, people can now apply for a NEXUS card which will allow them
expedited travel across the Tunnel. "NEXUS is a pre-approved clearance
program that has succeeded at the Detroit Windsor Tunnel. NEXUS travelers are
given a special card that allows them to enter a NEXUS dedicated lane and
avoid the waits." The Tunnel has added a special feature to NEXUS and
provides NEXUS approved travelers a NEXPRESS(R) card upon request, that allows
them to enter the tunnel through a special lane, avoiding even further delays,
often making travel between Detroit and Windsor seamless.

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