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May finishes 2nd
Date: Tuesday, November 28 2006

Given that this was a long time Liberal riding and both the Libs and the Cons had high profile candidates and help this is indeed a victory for the Greens.

Liberals, Bloc win byelections; May finishes 2nd
Updated Mon. Nov. 27 2006 11:32 PM ET News Staff

Bloc Quebecois member Raymond Gravel has won the byelection in Montreal's Repentigny riding, while Liberal Glen Pearson edged out Green Party Leader Elizabeth May to take Ontario's London North Centre.

Both seats are holds for their respective parties and don't change the balance of power in the minority Parliament.

Voting results in Ontario showed May finishing a surprising second. She narrowly outpolled Conservative candidate Dianne Haskett, a former mayor of London.

May had hoped to become the Green Party's first elected member in the House of Commons, and came far closer than many analysts had predicted, capturing 25.9 per cent of the vote. In January's federal election, Green candidate Stuart Smith came fourth with 5.5 per cent of the vote.

In the 2006 federal election, former Green Party Leader Jim Harris placed fourth in Toronto's Beaches-East York riding, capturing six per cent of the vote. Deputy Leader David Chernushenko, running in Ottawa Centre, also placed fourth with 10 per cent support.

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