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It's time for Russia to be one of us
Date: Tuesday, September 04 2007

It's time for Russia to be one of us
Paul Keating
September 4, 2007

Vladimir Putin is the first by a Russian head of state or head of government. President Putin is representing Russia at this week's APEC leaders' meeting. Russia's membership of APEC is as much an accident as it is a reflection of Russia's far east economy.

Russia was offered a place at the APEC table not because it was a natural constituent, but as a consolation prize by the Americans, for their having taken strategic advantage of it in the years immediately following the Cold War.

No one should ever forget that the Russians carried the primary burden of winning World War II, losing 26 million of their people in the process. More than the present population of Australia. A level of death, destruction and misery on a scale unprecedented in human history.

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