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Don't Fence Greens Out of the TV Leaders' Debate
Date: Friday, June 11 2004

These televised debates need to be run as though we had proportional representation. I'm for the 5% popular vote limit for participation or seat allotment. At least this would make more sense that the BLOC be included. As Peter Desbarats (author of this comment) suggests any one of the leaders could find themselves shut out at anytime. Democracy and anyone interested in having a democracy in Canada are the ones losing out.



From Thursday's Globe and Mail

Last year in September on this page, as Ontario party leaders gathered in Toronto for their televised leaders' debate, I supported the Green Party's demand to be included in the debate, and castigated the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission for refusing to confront both the antiquated closed-door system of organizing this debate, and that system's undemocratic consequences. Only immediate action, I warned, would ''avoid a repetition at the federal election expected in the near future."

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