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Time To De-claw The Political Animal
Date: Friday, September 30 2005
Topic: Canadian Politics

While Canadians struggle with their everyday lives, what little faith some had in the way we are governed, took another hit this week. Not long after we lived through months of media coverage about the liberal parties sponsorship ad scandal and after listening to and reading about years of anyone political party, in one province or the other, being corrupted.

What is our just reward? Well, to date, we saw one man who robbed us of millions of tax dollars sentenced to a curfew, and now we are yet blessed once again, with one more example of what political parties do best. Out of the party box pops the Honourable David Dingwall… further proving that political parties are purposely totally irresponsible for the mismanagement of this countries taxes and are nothing more than a big black hole, where the well-connected feather their financial nest.

Here we have one of our “Honourable” elected stepping down from his party appointed position at the Canadian Mint under a vale of controversy, while his boss party leader or Prime Minister puts together a severance package. Honourable is as Honourable does and if this is just reward then Canadians better hang onto their wallets.

The media play a very important role in the way Canada and how our provinces pick the party that “they” feel should be the best to govern and for years have taken pleasure and profited in the corruption perpetrated by the very political party they promote. For years the media have pretty much shoved down our throats two national parties and for decades these two political parties have been laced with stories of ill doing, financial mismanagement, corruption and a never ending list of liars. The House of Commons has been turned into a place where the Speaker of the House makes up or changes the rules as he goes, but geared to suit the needs of the governing party of the day.

Our elected members refuse to respond to the communications send to them by those of us who have entrusted them with our vote of support , or are our letter being screened out by their non-elected assistants, never the less we are being ignored.

Over the years we have witnessed the struggle our war veterans had in receiving pensions or proper assistance, we all have read about and understand how the tainted blood scandal came about and how the governing party handled that mess.. We have read about the number of children in Canada that are living a life of deprivation which is increasing. Senior citizens being forced to decide between medication, heat or food.

Now we are just now starting to hear about what quite possibly is one of Canada’s largest environmental messes, thanks to chemical contamination, numbering in the millions of liters of Herbicides and dioxins, which are nothing more than industrial byproducts or simply put waste.

This modern day chemical waste site appears to be one of Canada’s largest military training bases, which is located in the province of New Brunswick. Now, the blame sits totally on the shoulders of the Federal Government and the New Brunswick Government, because they have a working relationship when it comes to being the stewards of our Crown Lands. Just one more example of party politics stupidity.

So, has the industry found a new way to get rid of their byproducts, could it be that the very “government” we empower with those we elect, to protects and serve us have been bought off by the very industries, who are manufacturing the destruction of this wonderful planet?

Surely we the voters have not intended to empower "government" to function only to meets the needs and wants of the rich who have found a way to seize control of Canada, by using the tools, provided within the structure of this wild animal called a political party, have we? It is time to tame this beast!

There are people who truly believe that we live in a democracy and when a citizen such as myself, express our views about the way political parties and the media together are managing how we are governed, love to use that word conspiracy, hoping to lessen the value of the message, but one thing we have on our side is documented proof, provided by their very own action.

I have never before witness so many media types, reporters picking up a new career in politics, they have become speech writers, spin doctors within a political party, they have gone onto taking frontline position as one of the many governmental department spokespersons and yes even running as a candidates, in one of the very political parties they have covered as a reporter or anchor. Thus proving that the media have a very sexy and longed lived relationship with political parties they choose to hang out with.

The day of the hard working investigative reported has been bought off, or controlled by the dollars of the business community, which the print and privately financed media require to survive in this other “myth” called a free market system.

No matter where you look, in what was once the peoples government, we can find the tracks of this predatory monster called patronage and the only way to cut off this wild free spending animal, is to remove its claws and the power these political party who cares to grace the house of Commons hold over our elected representatives.

I am have made it very clear that in order to clean up government, my choice would be to toss out all political parties, but in the spirit of hope and the willingness to see my country reborn, maybe those of you who have yet managed to find the courage to give up on your belief in political parties, should consider or at least open up your minds, to choose a party that has not yet been soiled or contaminated by those whose lust for power and control have found their way to which ever party you pick.

Possibilities are there, if enough of the grass roots citizens who care about this world and all its people come together within a party that has those qualities and to form a party that can govern for all. But in order for such a party to be able to pull this off, that party must be willing to give back the elected candidate to the constituency. It all about reforming and putting in place a system that works for all to the betterment of Canada .

If you truly care about Canada then do yourself and Canada a favor, look at the Canadian Action Party or the Green Party as quite possibly the only parties where you could find a political home. The Liberal Party and the Conservative Party belong to the bankers, drug companies, chemical companies and oil industry. The New Democratic Party belong to the Unions, but after the support, The Public Service Alliance of Canada tossed behind David Dingwall, I am beginning to wonder what the Unions stand for.

So.... give some consideration to the Canadian Action Party or the Green Party... But please do not support those of old, remember you cannot teach an old dog new tricks ... and those old dogs in Ottawa are living proof... corruption pays.

[Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on October 3, 2005]

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