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Untitled article by Rick Salutin in the Globe and Mail
Date: Monday, June 07 2004

This is likely part of the reason I don't understand Stephen Harper wanting to be the PM of Canada. He makes it sound like such a depressing, hopeless, and disgusting job. If this is his way of preparing us for his leadership we all better be on the lookout for someone with a more positive vision for the future.



From Friday's Globe and Mail

An election based on promise-keeping? God save us from it. Promising is one of the diciest human functions. Even simple promises (“I'll take you to the zoo tomorrow”) can be hard to keep. Sometimes, it's just wrong (“You have a fever of 104”) to do so. The most keepable promises are probably the vaguest — like marriage vows — and even they often falter. What's amazing is how big a part promises continue to play in life. They may be a futile, inevitable attempt to deny the existence of time and the unpredictability of the future. Can't live without 'em, can't live with ...

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