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How to “fix” Canada – Put Grandma back on the Assembly Line
Date: Thursday, November 23 2006

"We don't work enough." So said former Quebec premier Lucien Bouchard last month in a televised interview, tongue-lashing Quebecers for their poor work ethic.

His solution: "We must work more!"
A better line of enquiry might well be: Whatever happened to the so-called “Leisure Society” that was held out before our mothers and fathers, by the fathers of today’s leaders? Whatever happened to the self-cleaning houses, the flying cars, the automated factories, and all those wonderful gadgets of the ‘50’s that promised us freedom from the grind of everyday life, so that we might pursue lives of inquiry and knowledge?

Instead, we have failing infrastructure, pollution, uncertainty over secure incomes, family breakups, virtual drug epidemics, and all the symptoms of a breakup of civilization, rather than an enrichment of same. And our present batch of leaders, the children of those who held out a life of purpose, can only think of putting our grandmothers and grandfathers back to work.

And why might that be? The answer is absurdly simple: Today's leaders have put profits before research, then extoll the people to "work more" and "work harder".

May as well adopt the saying: "Arbeit Macht Frei - 'Work shall set you free'"

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