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This is a democratic deficit at it worst.
Date: Wednesday, January 18 2006

Thompson set up in Ottawa office to promote province
By AMY SMITH Provincial Reporter

A Halifax businessman with Tory ties is going to Ottawa.

Ian Thompson will head up an office in the nationís capital to push Nova Scotiaís interests with the federal government.

Under his two-year contract, Mr. Thompson, a former vice-president of Emera, will receive $130,000 a year, plus a living allowance. The office, which will be located at Constitution Square in downtown Ottawa, will have an annual budget of $400,000 and one executive assistant.

Premier John Hamm, who made the announcement Tuesday, said the job wasnít tendered because it is an extension of the premierís office.

"Obviously people who are going to be interacting between our government and the government in Ottawa at the political level will be political people," the premier told reporters.

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My letter to Chronicle Hearld reporter Amy

Dear Ms Amy Smith: ( Good hitting article)

The appointment of Ian Thompson as a provincial representative to Ottawa is a major slap in the face to those who will be voting in the Jan 23 election. What Mr Hamm has done in my opinion has vetoed our vote and those who we elect here in Nova Scotia to be our and the Provinces elected representative in Ottawa, This does nothing to improve the democratic process and entice our youth to vote. This is a democratic deficit at it worst.

If Mr. Hamm feels that their is a need to have a member of his party sitting in an office in Ottawa, I might suggest he use up one of his back benchers , since they are elected and we already pay them.


Wayne Coady
Dartmouth Nova Scotia

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