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The Multibillion Robbery the US calls Reconstruction
Date: Sunday, June 27 2004

Saddam the US puppet is out, the puppeteers have taken over. It looks like once you're the boss of the world the middleman's pretty much a waste of time and money.


Naomi Klein
Saturday June 26, 2004
The Guardian

Good news out of Baghdad: the Program Management Office, which oversees the $18.4bn in US reconstruction funds, has finally set a goal it can meet. Sure, electricity is below pre-war levels, the streets are rivers of sewage and more Iraqis have been fired than hired. But now the PMO has contracted the British mercenary firm Aegis to protect its employees from "assassination, kidnapping, injury and" - get this - "embarrassment". I don't know if Aegis will succeed in protecting PMO employees from violent attack, but embarrassment? I'd say mission already accomplished. The people in charge of rebuilding Iraq can't be embarrassed, because, clearly, they have no shame.,2763,1247867,00.html

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