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From Voice of Women
Date: Wednesday, January 18 2006

Since this went up on the VOW website VOW has expressed further
concern with the Harper militaristic agenda specifically:

For immediate release, January 16, 2006

The Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW), along with many other
national peace, women's and social justice NGOs, are opposed to
further harmonization and deeper integration of our military,
security, energy, regulatory and economic polices with those of the
Bush administration. We are especially concerned about the lack of
reference to deep integration and its impact on Canada's foreign
policy during the present Federal Election campaign because we know
that the process of deep integration is profoundly impacting on
Canada's established role as a peace loving nation and that Canadians
would not accept many of the decisions being made if they were fully
informed about the impact of these policies on democracy, our
nation's autonomy and independent foreign policy.

We fear that we are falling inexorably into the orbit and influence
of US militaristic policies and its quest for empire and global
domination - including its illegal PNAC inspired 'War on Terror', the
war on Iraq, its policies of pre-emptive strike, nuclear
proliferation, weaponization of space, potential attack on Iran, and
cross border homeland security measures and legislation that infringe
on civil liberties, human rights and democratic expression. We are
urging all VOW members and all who share our concern to take action
in the limited time left before the election to bring these issues
into the context of the federal election 2006.

To this end we have prepared several related Questions for use during
this election period, some suggestions for taking action, and
provided links to other Canadian NGO Election Kits and Questions.

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