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Idea: Annual no-confidence vote in Canada
Date: Thursday, June 17 2004

It occurs to me that the government at all levels are not accountable to the people in a way that produces results.

When I first was considering this problem, I thought that shortening the duration of elected terms would be a good idea, but this has the drawback of distracting a government that people support, just to get re-elected again.

So perhaps we need an annual no-confidence vote at all levels of government in Canada. If 40% or more of Canadians voted no-confidence in the current government (thereby requiring 60% confidence in the government every year), an election would be immediately called.

If you were happy with the current government, you would have the option of placing a vote of confidence, or not voting at all. If you were unhappy, you would vote no-confidence.

This 40% would be based on the entire population, not on ridings or provincial boundaries. This could help solve the proportional representation issue, while giving the people the power to kick out governments that are making a mess before they do too much damage.

I would be very interested in feedback on this idea. Would it work?

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