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Trade, Investment, and Labour Mobility Agreement
Date: Wednesday, November 22 2006

“…everything Canadian business asked for…”
- Gary Mar, Alberta Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs

Maclean’s article from August 2006:
“TILMA will effectively erase the border between B.C. and Alberta and, when it comes into effect next spring, will be what some economists call the most important free trade agreement in Canada since NAFTA. It's a major breakthrough in a problem that has plagued Canada since Confederation -- interprovincial trade barriers.”

A Summary of Its Impacts by Ellen Gould, of CCPA:
"...a major step towards “deep integration” with the US..."
“Alberta and BC politicians are selling the agreement on the claim that supposedly show “billions” could be saved by eliminating so-called inter-provincial trade barriers. These claims have been repeatedly debunked by economists. Real barriers to inter-provincial trade are minimal. The claims about inter-provincial barriers are really an attack on government’s right to regulate”

Interestingly enough, the tilma (or tilmàtli) was an article of clothing worn by the Aztecs, partly to help define the classes:
How apropos! Do you suppose some wonk latched onto this word, and made the agreement title to fit the acronym? http://politicsnpoetry....

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