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Election Results Conundrum - Solved!
Date: Friday, March 16 2007

Supreme Court upholds blackout on early election night results

First off, the Supreme Court "decision" was split 5 to 4. Anything that makes it before the SC may presumably be considered important. At least that is what they keep telling us, if only so they can justify their $288,200 annual salary. Yet, 45% of the justices thought that publishing election results before all the polls had closed was valid. That is enough of a minority that the verdict reached must be considered suspect (and hence political in nature?). The cases brought before the SC must surely be important enough that, like jury trials, unanimity should be required, so there is absolutely no doubt.

So here is the solution:
1] Declare election day to be a statutory holiday;

2] Having voting time synchronized across this great land so that everyone votes within 2 hours of each other, from coast to coast to coast. If business insist on keeping open, it is up to the employers to cover shifts so employees can vote in this window.

And there it is!! Being a stat holiday, there is no excuse for not voting. Also, business would be showing it's collective patriotic 'flavour' by arranging for employees to go vote. And the issue of poll results before polls have closed is rendered moot.

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