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Canada Gives 10M For Afghan Police Salaries
Date: Monday, January 08 2007

I wonder if bribery is the way to go and how will that work when Canada does leave Afghanistan? This tactic has not worked in Iraq for the USA. 4Canada

Last Updated: Monday, January 8, 2007 | 7:50 AM ET
CBC News
Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay began his final day in Afghanistan Monday with an announcement of millions of dollars to help pay the salaries of Afghan police.

MacKay, who arrived in the country on Sunday, ate breakfast with Canadian troops in the southern Afghan region of Kandahar.

He announced Canada would contribute $10 million toward regular weekly salaries of Afghan police officers in an effort to stop corruption and co-operation with the Taliban within the force.

"[P]roviding a national civilian police force with an adequate and regular salary is critical to helping restore security and the rule of law in Afghanistan," said MacKay in a news release.

"Our contribution will help further this objective, resulting in a more professional police force to better serve the people of Afghanistan."

A leaked U.S. government report in December said the U.S.-trained Afghan police force was riddled with corruption and incapable of carrying out routine law enforcement. Washington, which contributes $1 billion US to train the force, says the force has about 50,000 members, although the report said 70,000 were on its payroll.

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