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Why the left will never run our country
Date: Thursday, February 19 2004

The left or the centre-left have too many roadblocks in order to form a majority government in this country, and there are several factors involved.

First, big business gets its message out through the media, which in most cases is pro-business, and owned by the right. They paint themselves a fine picture, and we are brainwashed simply because that is all we see.

Second, labour is disorganized, and not only each union has its own agenda, they cannot deliver the block of votes they claim they can.

Third, when the government is ready to pass a new law, some business gets to look at it before it is presented in the HoC. Changes are made or the process is stopped long before the public even knows its happening. Labour never gets the chance to see this advance information, so there is another nail in the coffin.

It has been said that CEO's spend some 20% of their time in contact with the politicians and the political process, and that ends up as about 1 1/2 days every week. With that kind of contact, who does the government listen to ?

All this tends to concentrate the power on the right. No kidding !!

Until organized labour gets its act together and creates a block of voters with the real power to change things, it will never happen.

The solution ? I don't know, but how about all major unions start off by merging, with one major plan: to stop business from ruining our lives.

Egos are hard to beat, and power makes for large egos. When will we ever get "Power Corrupts" through our head and really believe it, because it's sooooo truuuue !!

Sweden, Denmark, etc. have socialist governments, higher taxes, a higher standard of living and less poverty.

Which way do you want it ??

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