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Former Correctional Investigator Ron Stewart gets caught .....
Date: Thursday, November 30 2006

......up in the tail end of Cretien/Martin Free Ride

Lawyers for Ron Stewart (former Correctional Investigator) slammed Auditor General Sheila Fraser Wednesday, saying their client has been a victim of "inflammatory public pronouncements" and "unfair public pillorying."

In her report released Tuesday, Fraser alleged Stewart often skipped work and collected $325,000 in improper or questionable salary, vacation pay and expenses during a six-year period of his 26 years with the service.

Don't know why these people are getting "upset". It isn't as though he will have to pay anything back.............we all know the feds prefer to go after such things as double payments on EI, or Old Age pension payments. You know...........the Little People.

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