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Norad to be expanded to include maritime surveillance
Date: Wednesday, February 22 2006

Norad to be expanded to include maritime surveillance
Last Updated Mon, 20 Feb 2006 19:03:08 EST
CBC News

Canada will sign a new Norad treaty within months that expands the air-defence agreement with the United States to include maritime surveillance, the newly appointed defence minister says.

Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor said the new North American Aerospace Defence Command treaty would not mean a loss of sovereignty in Canadian waters.

O'Connor, who made the comments after a tour of the navy dockyard in Halifax on Monday, also dismissed fears that it might lead to U.S. warships patrolling Canadian waters.

"It doesn't change our responsibility as a country," O'Connor told reporters in his first public statement since assuming the portfolio on Feb. 6 when Stephen Harper named his cabinet.

O'Connor said such information would be sent directly to the Norad headquarters in Colorado, which is jointly staffed by the Canadian and U.S. military.

[Yeah, I have no problem believing Harper's defence minister when he says there aren't any Canadian sovereignty issues here. ;) Remember what happened the last two times we had a Conservative government in Canada and a Replublican government in the US? We got the FTA/NAFTA with Mulroney/Reagan, and with Diefenbaker/Eisenhower, of course, we got NORAD. I wonder what Harper/Bush will do to our sovereignty. :( -- NSay]

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