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US Supreme Court Supports Child Porn?
Date: Tuesday, June 29 2004

The title I picked is a facetious one, of course. Given the hoopla caused by the Cons in the past week over the Paul Martin alleged 'support' of child porn, I thought this newspiece was particularly cogent. The US Supreme Court struck down a law that intended to crack down on internet child porn peddlers. A couple of very conservative republican judges were in the majoirty, clarance thomas most notably, who ruled that the law unduly restriced free expression.

Of course, Harper's crowing has nothing to do with liberals weakness on child porn, but with the liberal's intention to prevent the state from encroaching on legitimate uses of expression that contain nude depictions of children. Like literature and art. Is Harper going to criminalise coppertone suntan lotion advertisements? Give me a break.

Someone show this to Stephen Harper please.

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