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Not Hundreds, but thousands stripped of citizenship
Date: Wednesday, March 28 2007

The number of Canadians who have lost their citizenship through obscure sections of the 1947 Citizenship Act is far greater than the federal government has admitted, CBC News has learned.

The issue gained attention at the beginning of this year when thousands of people applied to get passports after the U.S. toughened entry rules only to discover they were not considered Canadians.

While Citizenship and Immigration Minister Diane Finley says her department is only dealing with 450 cases of so-called "lost Canadians," new documents obtained late last week by CBC News show that her department has stripped citizenship from nearly 4,000 Canadians in just seven years.


This is plainly idiotic! That de facto citizens can go on living in this country for decades, holding down jobs, paying taxes, getting married, voting, et al, all without causing so much as a murmur, plainly indicates the uselessness of the Canadian civil service, more concerned with "empire building" than with getting on with their jobs.

Now here is a chance for our Conservative government to put its collective money where its mouth is, in implementing "accountability" in government.

Immediately grant these 4,000 souls the citizenship they've been quietly living to now, and immediately restructure the civil service to take more responsibility for the laws under its keeping and tutelage, sacking the mandarins who have obviously treated their appointments as a form of sinecure.

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