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FOIA documents on the SPP etc
Date: Wednesday, September 19 2007

For those who might not be aware, Judicial has a whole page of documents on the SPP etc obtained through FOIA requests in the U.S. There are enough pages here to massacre a small forest and it can be extremely useful to have this info as "proof" for those who don't understand the scope of deep integration.

See: (under "documents")

I am trying to gather as many documents as I can personally in order to build a small resource library of hard copies--if anyone obtains anything through an Access to Information request or FOIA, I would be interested in getting a copy from you via email or fax. Just contact me via email at .

Soon I hope to also start saving PDF docs on the SPP etc to our download section so that our members and users can access them easily as well. Meanwhile if you have come across other documents on the web that Vive's readers should know about, please post the links to comments.

- Susan


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