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Martin Liberals face election loss
Date: Friday, November 04 2005

Poll shows Liberals sinking in wake of Gomery report

Mark Kennedy
CanWest News Service
Friday, November 04, 2005

OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Paul Martin's Liberals have plummeted in popularity because of public anger over the Gomery report and would lose an election if a vote was held now, a new poll has found.

The findings are in a nationwide survey, conducted this week by Ipsos-Reid for CanWest newspapers and Global National.

Here's how the poll ranks federal parties, by percentage of support:

- Liberals, 31 per cent, down seven points from Ipsos poll last week.

- Conservatives, 30 per cent, up four points.

- NDP, 19 per cent, up one point.

- Bloc Quebecois, 13 per cent, up two points.

The poll is the first to gauge political fallout since Justice John Gomery's report on the sponsorship scandal was released Tuesday.

It found that the Gomery report has stoked a public fury over how the Liberals pocketed taxpayer funds in a kickback scheme that was connected to the sponsorship program. The money was supposed to be spent on projects and events that boosted national unity.

Although Gomery exonerated Martin, it appears many Canadians either don't care or don't believe the prime minister is in the clear. Moreover, the poll shows that many Canadians want to punish the Liberals because they believe they are still corrupt under Martin's leadership and have lost the moral right to govern.

"There's a lot of anger out there," Ipsos-Reid president Darrell Bricker said Thursday.

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