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Flaherty Will Get You Nowhere
Date: Saturday, September 01 2007

After 12 years of Liberal rule, the naming of ardent right-winger Jim Flaherty as federal finance minister seemed like sweet relief to Bay Street. Wake up, capitalists: Conservative doesn't mean what it used to
From Friday's Globe and Mail

August 31, 2007 at 3:13 AM EDT
Ladies and gentlemen of Bay Street, you have been the victims of a clever fraud. You believed, back in the winter of 2006, when your hearts were aflutter and your cheeks rosy with hope—or was that frostbite?—that you had finally placed some friends in high places in Ottawa. The electorate turned and, after a mere 12-year interregnum of Liberal rule, voted the Conservatives back into power, cleansed of the sins of Brian Whatshisname.

About time, you said. Out with the old, in with the new! Out with the political thug from Shawinigan, the dithering rich boy completing Daddy's unfulfilled dream to be prime minister, the knee-jerk America-haters and closet socialists and economic illiterates populating the Grit caucus. In with Stephen Harper, a bona fide conservative economist and the first occupant of 24 Sussex Drive to have avoided law school since Lester Pearson; with David Emerson, the former CEO of a big forestry company, as International Trade Minister; with Maxime Bernier in the Industry portfolio, a man who so loathes government intervention, he does everything but advocate the abolition of speed limits.
provincial Tory leader the next year. His slogan? "The right stuff."

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