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CanWest Turd of the Year Contest
Date: Thursday, October 27 2005

From "The Dirt" on-line news:

An Insider Look at Canadian Journalism
Thursday, October 27, 2005

At the excellent suggestion of one of our readers (see below, I think), we solicit nominations for our inaugural CanWest Turd of The Year award. We dare not offer up our own suggestions for fear of influencing the vote.

Submissions are welcome now, via e-mail or posted comment. If we receive enough nominations, we will post a pretty list.

And remember -- let's do it for the CanWest Poster Boy, Gordon "Hiccup" Campbell.

This dispatch from a Western reader was so interesting that we are posting it:

Dear Dirt:

When you included Murdoch Davis in your clobber of CanWest media hacks today, I recognized you as a good person.

Will you be attacking news content, as well as news writers? I hope so. The journos after all, are merely toner-stained wretches, as Antonia reminds us.

I'd like to nominate Vancouver Sun, as usual, for a story about the right-wing monsters who act as B.C. government. With Harvey Enchin as candidate for CanWest turd of the year.
In "A failure to communicate" (16 July 05), he wrote: "In their first term, the B.C. Liberals allowed their opponents [the B.C. Opposition was two people] to falsely define them as right-wing monsters. Here's where they went wrong, and how not to repeat it." Almost a full page story it was, accompanied by a flattering photo of Gordon Campbell supposedly making a football touch-down.

Premier Gordon Campbell is the poster boy for CanWest Global. They created, sustained, drove off his competition, advertised and elected him.

Premier Campbell was arrested in Hawaii for dangerous, drunk driving and spent a night in the drunk tank (we first learned of this via out-of-province media). He dismantled social programmes for B.C. children, the elderly, the blind, the sick. He's believed to have had a recent child (remember that CanWest hounded a previous leader of the Liberal Opposition out of office because they thought he was merely sweet on another M.L.A.). Premier Campbell's government has a serious crime issue within the corridors of the Legislature (see Basi & Virk) which seems like it will never come to court. And he uses the law as a personal tool for hacking his way through vast jungles of discontent. But in Harvey Enchin's hands, CanWest sees all this as the Opposition falsely defining Campbell and his Socred/Reform/C.C.R.A.P./Alliance/Liberal party as "right-wing monsters."

Oh please, do not neglect this skunk in the rose garden of a free press.

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