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Blogging, and knowing how to do it properly
Date: Tuesday, November 28 2006

Blogging, and knowing how to do it properly
Roger Cowe
27 Nov 06

As every corporate executive worth his or her salt starts writing a blog, here is an opportunity for really engaging with company stakeholders and getting beyond tired corporate communications.

The blogosphere is the place to be, apparently. Anyone who's anyone, and plenty who aren't, are filling the net with their thoughts and experiences (including the editor of this publication).

It is touted as the essence of the democracy the net is made for, and companies can see many possibilities, including using blogging as a novel means of engaging with stakeholders.

The democracy thing raises a philosophical question along the lines of the tree falling in the forest does somebody have a voice if nobody is listening? But let's leave that aside and focus on the question of blogging as an engagement tool.

There are clearly some ethical issues, especially with transparency. Just as you never know who's behind the seductive name in a chatroom, it's hard to know who is really blogging.

Is the person defending BigCo really an uninterested observer or a toiling hack in the PR department? Rather more complicated: can that hack, or any other employee, ever join a blog debate as an individual without risking being accused of peddling the company line without being open about it. And, if not, what about their democratic rights to voice their opinions?

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