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Out With the Old, In With the New?
Date: Friday, February 20 2004

The traitors speak. King Ralph Klein is threatening to pull Alberta out of the Canada Health Act, and start imposing fees at the doctor's offfice. Meanwhile Belinda Stronach is insisting that the public health care system is simply 'unsustainable,' and only until we allow the invisible hand to work its magic will Canadians truly be healthy. Separate but equal she claims. Ah, now give the poor lass a can't expect much more from a university drop out who coasts through life on daddy's good name and money.

Be certain, though, once it happens, it's all over. NAFTA will kick in and we can say goodbye to the dream of Tommy Douglas and howdy to the dream of US free market republican ideology. Once private health care is allowed to operate side by side with the public health care system, US health insurance firms will launch a full frontal assault on the Canada Health Act under NAFTA provisions. I implore all Albertans who give a damn to bombard King Ralph's inbox demanding him to retract his statements. I implore all concerned Canadians who do not want to see Canada's truly innovative and just national health care programme erode away to the interest of big insurance to flood Stronach's inbox and the Prime Minister's and Health Minister's inbox. HMO's are right around the corner if these people will get their way. Their money will buy them premium health care services, while poor and even middle income Canadians will get [...something that I'm going to replace with screwed-this is a family show, kids--Ed.;) ] . WE CAN'T LET THEM DO THIS!!!!

BTW, people in Alberta whine about a federal Liberal 'tyranny' that will never get out of power. I wasn't even born yet and Ralph Klein had a well established premiership. That was over 23 years ago.

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