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Pettigrew: More immigrants are needed
Date: Wednesday, October 19 2005

MONTREAL (CP) - Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew said Thursday that immigrants are needed to replace workers who are headed for retirement.

Pettigrew said that increasing the population to 40 million by welcoming more immigrants would help foot the bill for infrastructure such as roads and bridges. "This is a vast country, the infrastructure is expensive and it's a bigger country than the United States is," Pettigrew said.

Canada's population of just under 32 million has grown by only three million in the past decade.

The foreign affairs minister added that Canada was built by immigrants and that's the way it will continue to be built.

But he insisted that new immigrants would not be used to help cover the government pensions of baby boomers leaving the work force.

Pettigrew made his comments in Montreal after a speech on the federal government's new foreign policy.

He reiterated before the Montreal Board of Trade that Canada must speak with one voice on the international stage.

Citing the Kyoto accord on greenhouse gases, Pettigrew said a province like Alberta could not be allowed to express a point of view that is not Canada's, even though it has jurisdiction over its own natural resources and environment.
That's not what drew my attention to this article. The quote below did!

"I believe Quebecers make an important contribution to Canada's voice on the international scene," Pettigrew said.
"The first priority I have as foreign affairs minister is to make sure Canada's voice reflects the aspirations of Quebecers."


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