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Mission Statement

Vive le Canada's Mission and Vision Statement

The mission of Vive le Canada is to protect and improve Canadian sovereignties and democracy through education, dialogue, and advocacy, especially using existing and emerging communications tools.

We believe that the direction of this country should be set by its citizens, rather than by corporations or corporate trade bodies/trade agreements, the United States, or a small number of Canadian corporate elites.

Our goal is to build a website-based organization which is a respected hub of civic nationalist information, theory, community, and activism. Our vision is to build a social movement for popular sovereignty in Canada by educating and engaging citizens. This social movement can then support the adoption of legislation and/or government that prioritizes and institutionalizes mechanisms for protecting and improving Canadian and global democracy and self-determination.

We believe that Canada should maintain a position as a responsible and involved global citizen, and we support the continued development of a socially progressive Canadian society. We remain committed to the value of democratic decision-making, the value of citizen's rights over those of corporations, the value of reciprocal solidarity with other self-determination movements and/or organizations around the world, and the value of cultural diversity.

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Published on: 2008-03-06 (1493 reads)

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