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Vive le Canada is dedicated to preserving your privacy. None of the specific contact information we gather about you will be sold or disclosed to any third party or any of our associates. Your email address will not be displayed on this website.

Your name, city, province and comments may be treated as public information for the purpose of actions or press coverage (with your permission). For example, compiled petitions may be sent to the House of Commons listing this information, or some general information about participants in actions may be released to the media or presented online. In all such cases specific contact information such as an email address will not be released without permission from involved members. Entering such information is now and will always remain optional.

Our server is located in Canada and is run with very strict access controls. We will not reveal information about users, registered or anonymous, without due *Canadian* legal process requiring us to do so (i.e. an actual warrant). Free speech is a right that we take very seriously.

If you sign up for our mailing lists, we may also send you email updates at the email address you provide. We are committed to respecting your account and will do our best to keep the frequency of these emails at a manageable level. You may unsubscribe yourself from these lists at any time by going to your user preferences.

This policy is subject to change; you will be notified by email or mail in advance if it does. Continued use indicates acceptance of this agreement.

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Published on: 2008-02-04 (21448 reads)

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