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Vive le is running (or has run) the following official actions to protect and improve Canadian sovereignty. Check the deadline listed to see if these campaigns are still active. You will be taken the static campaign page for each if you click the related link. Many of these actions have appeared in the Featured Action block at left on the main page.

Note: We have also frequently posted links to the Red Cross after major natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, and these are not listed here.

For more information on what other actions you can take, see our FAQ entry, What action(s) can I take to oppose deep integration?

The Red and White Ribbon Campaign for Canadian Sovereignty: Display the Red and White Ribbon to oppose deep integration with the United States and the Americanization of Canadian public policy. Please place a Red and White Ribbon Campaign icon on your servers and web pages to support this campaign, wear a ribbon, or put up a poster. ENDS: Ongoing Please join us in protesting the potential extradition of Marc Emery and calling for the restoration of Canadian sovereignty by sending our editable email form letter.

Deep Integration Means Deep Trouble for Canada: Sending our email form letter opposing deep integration and calling for public debate on the issue. ENDS: Ongoing

Oppose the 40-Point Smart Regulation Action Plan: Send an email form letter opposing the plan to harmonize Canadian and U.S. regulations. ENDS: March 2005

Take Action to Protect Health Information Privacy in Alberta Some Alberta public services, such as certain genetic tests, are outsourced to U.S-linked service providers, meaning that they too could potentially fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Patriot Act. The issue has already been raised in B.C, where on May 28, 2004 the B.C. privacy commissioner announced that he will examine the implications of the U.S. Patriot Act for British Columbians' personal information when that information is gathered by U.S.-linked service providers due to the outsourcing of public services. Now New Democrat M.L.A. Raj Pannu, a member of the Select Special Health Information Act Review Committee, has suggested that the committee request the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta to undertake a similar investigation in Alberta. This is wholly within the powers and jurisdiction of the committee. You can support Pannu's proposal by sending the following email to the privacy commissioner and committee members. It's easy--just send the prepared form letter. ENDS: 2005

Boycott the Canadian Census Test!
Count Me Out of the Lockheed Martin Census
Census Boycott Action Timeline:
Lockheed-Martin, the world's #1 weapons giant, is working on the next Canadian Census. Your tax dollars, and maybe personal info, will go to a non-Canadian corporation that makes landmines, nuclear bombs, and Star Wars missile-defense parts -- weapons Canadians have rejected, with good reason, for decades. And because Lock-Mart is American, George W. Bush might be able to secretly seize Canada's Census data using the U S Patriot Act. Keep our census Canadian and keep our personal information safe. BOYCOTT this preliminary test. It's legal and easy: Just write Vive le Canada across your questionaire in red ink and send it back blank. Say no to war profits and privatization at the same time! ENDS: May 11 2004 (however we may create a boycott of the actual 2006 census starting soon)

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Published on: 2008-02-04 (78901 reads)

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