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Vive le Canada is a non-profit organisation, run by a dedicated group of volunteers. We've accomplished a lot so far--we've built a great site, created a dedicated membership, and gained national attention for campaigns such as our opposition to giving Lockheed Martin the main contract to do the Canadian census.

But if we're going to keep the site online, we need your donations. It costs money to pay for hosting, bandwidth, domain name renewal, site maintenance and the addition of features, mailing costs, and all kinds of other basic expenses. If we can't pay them, we may not be able to keep offering the great site we've built so far--let alone make it better.

Our volunteer staff is also contributing huge amounts of free time and labour, and often paying for things out of their own pockets to keep the site running, and it would be great if we could at least start paying them some of their basic expenses. We'd also like to add new and better features and build our capabilities to educate and coordinate actions, all of which won't be possible without more cash in our account.

And most importantly, don't forget that we are up against groups like the BCCE that have tons of cash at their disposal to advocate FOR deep integration and harmonization. The ONLY way we can stop them is with your help.

So we ask you to consider donating as much as you can to our cause. You can do this online using the handy PayPal link below.

Things your donation WILL go towards:

  • Bandwidth
  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting fees
  • Other Essential Expenses
  • Hiring and paying staff
  • Adding new features and actions
  • Educational materials like pamphlets and brochures
  • Saving Canada!

Things your donation will NOT go towards:

  • Bar bills and fancy dinners
  • Missile defence
  • American corporations
  • Lobbying to harmonize/integrate Canada and the U.S.
  • Sponsorship scandals

And unlike many other webpages, Vive is an actual organization with a governing board, so you can be sure that your money will be spent well and wisely.

So please click on the paypal button here or on any page. We appreciate your support!

Or mail your donation to:
Vive le Society
P.O. Box 7516
Peace River, Alberta
T8S 1T1
(more detailed information on donating by mail coming soon)

Note that while Vive le Canada is able to provide receipts, we are an advocacy/activist organization and so your contributions are not tax deductible.

We have no minimum donation and we will accept up to a maximum of $5000 from any individual. (The cap helps us make sure we keep this a fair, open, and non-partisan forum.) We will also not accept any donations from corporations and we do not accept any money from the government.

Information on donating by mail will be posted soon.

Any questions about donations should be directed to


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