Satirists Are Not Immune To Satire
Contributed by JaredMilne on Thursday, February 26 at 07:59 (3,175 reads)

The tragic murders of many of the artists who produced the satirical French magazine “Charlie Hebdo” have revived debates around free speech and what’s considered acceptable to publish. Some critics have said that cartoons like the ones Charlie Hebdo published on Islam were offensive and merely fed into Islamophobia with crass insults. They support the refusal by certain media to re-publish the cartoons. Others say that the cartoons are an important example of free speech, and that a refusal to publish them is giving in to terrorist threats.

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Canadian Press And Media. The Sad, Sycophantic Sell-Out
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Wednesday, February 25 at 07:22 (3,826 reads)

The tragic failure of the Canadian Press and Media is glaringly obvious in the Bank of Canada case before the Federal Court of Canada, in the Nigel Wright non-case, and in the BC Rail Scandal case in British Columbia.

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A Legal Victory, But Will It Be A Socio-Economic One?
Contributed by Dave Ruston on Saturday, February 14 at 10:07 (4,656 reads)

Rocco Galati, a constitutional lawyer, has won perhaps the greatest legal victory for Canada! On behalf of COMER, The Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform, Mr. Galati has forced upon Mr. Harper and the Bank Of Canada a conversation that must be had! But will our banker-corporate government engage in it?

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Balancing Different Perspectives And Its Importance For Democracy
Contributed by JaredMilne on Saturday, February 14 at 10:06 (1,413 reads)

I’m currently reading Brent Rathgeber’s excellent book Irresponsible Government: the Decline of Parliamentary Democracy in Canada, which describes the methods that Canadian prime ministers have used to consolidate power in the Prime Minister’s Office, and force their Members of Parliament to follow all of their directions. MPs are now expected to only obey the prime minister, instead of keeping him and his Cabinet accountable the way Canada’s system of responsible government has traditionally required.

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One Canadian's Reflection On Sir John A. Macdonald's Legacy
Contributed by JaredMilne on Monday, January 19 at 15:16 (3,639 reads)

January 11, 2015 marked the 200th anniversary of Sir John A. Macdonald's birthday. Given that we haven't really commemorated it yet on this forum, I thought that this would be a worthwhile occasion to reflect on Macdonald's legacy, the good and the bad, and how it has impacted us all as Canadians. As historian Will Ferguson has pointed out, without Macdonald there would be no Canada to begin with at all. His influence on Canada, for both the good and the bad, cannot be understated-Richard Gwyn aptly describes him as "the man that made us".

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False Flags, Terrorism, The Conservative Party Of Canada
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Monday, January 19 at 15:15 (3,475 reads)

Political writers, Michael Harris and Donald Gutstein have catalogued Conservative lies, deceptions, cruelties, evasions of duty, bullying, and violations of trust throughout Parliamentary practice. Have the Conservatives also associated themselves with convenient assassination?

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Tory Tears For Victims Of Crime Dry Up Quickly ....
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Monday, January 05 at 17:14 (3,309 reads)

A pattern of police violence and of RCMP Commissioner political partisanship suggest the federal Conservative government has declared "open season" on innocent, caring Canadians ....

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Building Bridges Between Political Factions Is The Way Forward
Contributed by JaredMilne on Wednesday, December 31 at 12:59 (3,083 reads)

In its November 5 edition, the St. Albert Gazette published an article discussing the perception that’s arisen in some circles that our City Council is divided into camps that consistently vote on different sides of various issues. These camps, and the Council members that form them, could also be seen as representing different groups of residents that have different priorities for spending tax dollars. According to this perception, some members of Council and their supporters want to see a cap placed on tax increases, and for City spending to be directed away from things like arts, heritage and recreation and focused mainly on established infrastructure and support for lower-income residents. Other members of Council, and their supporters in the community, are seen as wanting to spend large amounts of money money on civic projects like the Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan.

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Couillard, Cartier And Confederation: Old Ideas, New Voices
Contributed by JaredMilne on Wednesday, December 31 at 12:59 (3,373 reads)

2014 was a year of change in Quebec, as Philippe Couillard led the provincial Liberals to victory over the Parti Quebecois government of Pauline Marois. The Marois government spent a lot of time outlining its vision of the province’s social values, as well as outlining its vision of how an independent Quebec would relate to Canada. Couillard spent a lot of time criticizing Marois’s actions, accusing her of having an “Alice In Wonderland” vision that ignored Quebecers’ bigger concerns about issues like the economy and healthcare.

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A Christmas Day Proposal ...
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Wednesday, December 31 at 12:58 (1,037 reads)

Parliament is falling apart and Andrew Scheer, Conservative Speaker of the House of Commons, pretends there is nothing he can do about it. That means hard-nosed MPs will have to act ... soon, if democracy is to have a hope in Canada.

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Fighting The Fascists. Canadians At Home.
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Thursday, December 11 at 16:02 (3,838 reads)

Afraid of the truth - the real condition of Canada today, Canadians refuse to call a spade a spade ... and Stephen Harper a neo-fascist.

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Kinder Morgan And Economist Robyn Allan: Corporate Robbers In B.C.
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Sunday, November 30 at 13:29 (3,520 reads)

Robyn Allen, economist, sums up Richard Kinder of Kinder Morgan. The story of B.C. sellout fills out the report.

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The World Wars: Perspectives On The Reasons For War
Contributed by JaredMilne on Thursday, November 13 at 16:43 (3,689 reads)

The First World War began 100 years ago, in 1914, and the Second World War began in 1939, 75 years ago. Given these anniversaries, it’s worthwhile to compare the origins of these wars, and what they mean for putting the lives of our soldiers on the line, and risking that they may have to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

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George Grant:, Amnesty International And Edward Said, By Ron Dart
Contributed by JaredMilne on Thursday, November 06 at 16:38 (3,583 reads)

George Grant (1918-1988) is considered by many to be one of the most significant Canadian public intellectuals in the latter half of the 20th century. Grant was also a High Tory of the highest calibre. Grant was a prolific writer and many have commented upon his wide ranging renaissance breadth. There has, of yet, been no essays on Grant and Amnesty International and Grant and Edward Said.

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The Importance Of The Red Tory Tradition In Politics, By Ron Dart
Contributed by JaredMilne on Tuesday, October 21 at 15:37 (4,044 reads)

Ron Dart is a prolific writer and thinker, publishing over 20 books and countless articles. He has been part of UFV since 1990, teaching political science and religious studies.

Dart’s recent book Keepers of the Flame: Canadian Red Toryism arrives as we approach the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, a moment in time that also marks a distinct change in Canadian and American relations: the 1962 election in Canada was highly influenced by the Kennedy administration, and the end result was further assimilation of Canada into the American empire.

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