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·  How can I contact Vive le
·  How can I stay updated about site actions and news?
·  How is Mel Hurtig involved in Vive le
·  What is Vive le's mission?
·  Who funds Vive le
·  Who moderates Vive le
·  Who runs Vive le
·  Why did you name the website Vive le Canada?


How is Mel Hurtig involved in Vive le

Best-selling author and Canadian nationalist Mel Hurtig has been a strong supporter and promoter of Vive le since its conception in 2003.  Vive le currently hosts Mel Hurtig's email list.
You can join Mel Hurtig's email list by visiting: Mailing Lists and selecting "Mel Hurtig's Newslist" from the drop-down menu.
If you want to contact Mel Hurtig, you can contact him directly by email or through his publisher. You can email, but be aware that it may take more time for Mel Hurtig to be notified and to respond.

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Why did you name the website Vive le Canada?

The name comes from a quote:
"Vive le Canada. This country is not for sale!" -- Don Sweet
We felt it expressed this website's pro-Canadian mission to protect and improve Canadian sovereignties and democracy. We also liked the bilingual nature of the name, since it is a common expression easily understood by both English and French speakers. And lastly, "Vive" has revolutionary connotations, which fit well with the website's activist nature.

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Who moderates Vive le

Vive le Canada is moderated by member volunteers.

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Who funds Vive le

Vive le is entirely funded by member donations.  We do not accept any money from the government, corporations, or political parties of any kind.

Donations allow Vive to continue operating, and to add new site features and improvements. To donate to Vive le, please visit: Donations

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Who runs Vive le

Vive le was conceived of and founded by Susan Thompson, and the site was originally designed and developed by Jesse van Herk.  The site went online in 2003.  In 2008, the site was redesigned and redeveloped by Trevor May.  Vive's webmaster is currently Trevor May, and Vive continues to be run by a volunteer board of directors headed by Susan Thompson.  Any Vive member is welcome to join the board of directors.  If you are interested in joining the board, please contact us.

Current Board:

Susan Thompson
Founder/Managing Site Editor

Trevor May
Webmaster/Technical Director

Dr Caleb
Secretary/Site Editor

Milton MacPhail

Catherine Costen
Member-at-Large/Volunteer Coordinator

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How can I contact Vive le

If you have a suggestion for site content, are interested in partnering with or volunteering for Vive, would like to interview a site representative, or have any other general inquiry about the site, please contact founder and managing editor Susan Thompson at
If you have a technical question or problem, contact our webmaster Trevor May at:

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What is Vive le's mission?

The mission of Vive le Canada is to protect and improve Canadian sovereignties and democracy through education, dialogue, and advocacy, especially using existing and emerging communications tools.

We believe that the direction of this country should be set by its citizens, rather than by corporations or corporate trade bodies/trade agreements, the United States, or a small number of Canadian corporate elites.

Our goal is to build a website-based organization which is a respected hub of civic nationalist information, theory, community, and activism. Our vision is to build a social movement for popular sovereignty in Canada by educating and engaging citizens. This social movement can then support the adoption of legislation and/or government that prioritizes and institutionalizes mechanisms for protecting and improving Canadian and global democracy and self-determination.

We believe that Canada should maintain a position as a responsible and involved global citizen, and we support the continued development of a socially progressive Canadian society. We remain committed to the value of democratic decision-making, the value of citizen's rights over those of corporations, the value of reciprocal solidarity with other self-determination movements and/or organizations around the world, and the value of cultural diversity.

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How can I stay updated about site actions and news?

To receive the latest updates about Vive site action alerts and news, you can:

Join our email list: Mailing List
(Our email list is low volume. It's also opt in/opt out, so you can subscribe or unsubscribe yourself at any time.)

Join our Facebook group (this is a great way to connect with other Vive members too):

And of course, check Vive frequently, since we add new articles every day!

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