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Mel Hurtig, Tough Love Patriot
Hurtig: 'No longer the people we think we are.'

    * The Truth about Canada
    * Mel Hurtig
    * Random House Inc. (2008)

By Michael LaPointe
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May 14, 2008Mel Hurtig might be the angriest man in Canada. He's angry at our "myopic" politicians, he's angry at our "selfish" big business, he's angry at our "continentalist" media -- and if you aren't angry at them, too, then he's probably angry at you. Hurtig has just released The Truth About Canada, which he claims is "one of the most anti-establishment books published in my lifetime" -- no small feat for a man of 75.

But don't call him pessimistic, he'd prefer patriotic. While The Truth About Canada may be the angriest book released this year, Hurtig's aim is didactic. "Canadians are incredibly proud of their country, with justification," he says. "Just look at the space we have, the resources, the people. The main point of my book is to show people that we're losing it."
Long-time Canadian nationalist Mel Hurtig's new book
    The Truth About Canada
will be in most book stores at the end of this month. According to Quill and Quire, "Mel Hurtig has managed to identify and chronicle the central political narrative of Canada's last quarter-century - how a succession of business-oriented elites have, with the assistance of an increasingly pliant press and powerful corporate interests, eroded Canada's social safety net and threatened its already tenuous independence in economic and foreign affairs."
from Mel Hurtig's email list:

From Jul. 5, 2004. 01:00 AM The Toronto Star

Just another tradeable service


Ken Kehl returned to university at 35 years of age after a somewhat aimless career in insurance and car repairs. He planned to get a master's degree in education, researching a nice light topic such as the importance of mentorship in students' lives.

Instead, the Hamilton native became ensnarled in one of the most urgent and controversial debates in the academic community. He has just submitted a weighty thesis warning that higher education could be a casualty of the current round of global trade talks.

He fears that universities such as Brock, which he attends, will be transformed into profit-making diploma mills, competing fiercely with foreign-controlled institutions.

[originally published by the Hill Times; reprinted here with the permission of the author] by Mel Hurtig Given David Emerson\'s ardent desire to encourage increased foreign ownership, despite the fact that so much of our economy is already under foreign control, it\'s time to have a look at the most recent numbers from the Investment Canada Division of Industry Canada. ( You can view this information yourself by going to http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/epic/internet/inica-lic.nsf/en/home) After Brian Mulroney dumped FIRA he set up the Mickey Mouse pretend agency, Investment Canada. From the time it began operations June 30th, 1985, to the end of December, 2004, there have been 11,039 acquisitions of corporations in Canada by foreign owners. Of these, only 13% were reviewed by Investment Canada.
[fair use only; link not provided by poster] Mel thought you would be interested in this article from slate.msn.com Just Another \"Unknown Anomaly\" Must we spend another $80 billion before we admit missile defense doesn\'t work? By Fred Kaplan Posted Thursday, Dec. 16, 2004, at 3:51 PM PT Let\'s say you\'re buying the most complicated computer system ever devised. It\'s still in the early stages. The payments are costing a fortune. The software\'s riddled with bugs. Some software hasn\'t been written yet. Several scientists doubt the thing will ever work properly. Finally, just this week, you couldn\'t even get it to switch on. Now let\'s say you\'re the program manager of the Pentagon\'s missile-defense agency. But I repeat myself. In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, the MDA attempted the first full test of the missile-defense system in two years—or at least the first full test of the few components built so far. A mock warhead was launched from Kodiak, Alaska. It was to be intercepted—smashed and destroyed—in outer space by an antimissile missile launched from the Marshall Islands in the Pacific. But 23 seconds before the interceptor missile was scheduled to blast off, the system shut down, due to what the MDA is calling \"an unknown anomaly.\" As of Thursday afternoon, Pentagon officials were saying—both publicly and off the record—that they still don\'t know what happened.
Canada and Ballistic Missile Defense by Mel Hurtig 7 pm - Sunday, January 30, 2005 Unitarian Church (new address) 10804 - 119 street, Edmonton Entrance at the back of building Park in the back, on the street & in neighbouring businesses Canadian nationalist, author, and activist Mel Hurtig exposes Paul Martin\'s secret commitment to George W. Bush\'s weaponizing of space. You will learn how both the American and Canadian governments are intentionally misleading their citizens about the Pentagon\'s unprecedented plans to weaponize space; about the huge new Russian and Chinese nuclear missile buildup resulting from US Star Wars plans and about the destruction of vitally important, long-standing arms control agreements. Hurtig discusses why both Paul Martin\'s government and Stephen Harper\'s Conservatives want to join in George W. Bush\'s dangerous program and why the US missile \'defence\' system is really about establishing a U.S. first-strike-from-space capability. Before Canada becomes an active partner in this, it is the responsibility for every Canadian to become informed about the issue. There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion. Letter writing materials will be provided so you can write to the prime minister on the spot if you wish. Refreshments will be served. Bring your friends and neighbours. Sponsored by the Westwood Unitarian Congregation Social Responsibility Committee and the Unitarian Church of Edmonton
Anyone who reads Canada\'s financial press or follows the nonsense from the likes of the C.D. Howe Institute, the Fraser Institute, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce or the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, knows that Canadians are badly overtaxed, the tax burden is punitive and our governments spend far too much. Yesterday, when he announced that he would seek the leadership of the new Conservative Party, Stephen Harper said \" Canada is the highest spending country in the world.\" Harper doesn\'t know what he is talking about. Or, if he does, he\'s intentionally misleading Canadians. And, for the most part, the press lets him get away with such garbage.
I will be speaking at the Vancouver Public Library, 7:00p.m. Saturday March 19th, no admission charge, an event organized by 5 NDP federal constituencies, open to the public. I will be talking about how we won re BMD, future challenges (some quite scary) and important lessons learned for the future. Also, we\'ll want to enthusiastically celebrate Cellucci\'s departure. Mel Hurtig
Mr. Minister: I don\'t know whether to be amused or totally dismayed by your response to my January 28th letter to you about foreign ownership and control in Canada. In any case, your letter shows a shocking lack of the understanding of the downsides of excessive foreign domination, or, put another way, the reasons why few if any developed countries would dream of allowing the high levels we already have in Canada. Remarkably, you indicate that you intend to \"promote\" even more of the same, even in industries that are already majority-foreign-owned and controlled such as manufacturing and petroleum ( not to mention many other industries in our country). One must wonder how much you would consider to be enough. Would it be 60%?, 70%?, 80%? or more? With your logic, what will be left of our country for future generations of Canadians? Will you be satisfied to see them grow up to be tenants in what should have been their own country?
Mel thought you would like to see this important article by John Clearwater.

Winnipeg Free Press
The Missile Defence Deadline
Sun Jul 18 2004

By John Clearwater

n October of this year, the United States will begin operating the first of several interceptors for its planned national missile-defence system. With the clock ticking, Washington says Paul Martin has to get with the program now.

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