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Truth Speaks. Human Rights Abuse In Canada Exposed 
Description: A blog that deals specifically with human rights abuse issues, within Canada. Some of the topics that it covers, includes, victims of torture by the Canadian authorities and corruption by public officials.
Added on: 04-Mar-2009 Hits: 2319
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Category: Activist

North American Union Resistance 
Description: Time is running out for Canada! We are now on the fast track to deep integration with The United States & Mexico. It''s seems our elected officials from BOTH major parties are playing a key role in pushing for a North American Union. Economists are pushing for a common currency,the new ePassport and enhanced drivers licence program is being used to get Canada onboard with the plans for a global ID system headed up by the United Nations. Canada''s biggest corporations are participating in these efforts and are the prime mover behind it all!
Added on: 02-Mar-2009 Hits: 1935
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Category: Blogs

How to Spot a Canadian 
Description: HowToSpotACanadian.ca hopes to chronicle Canadian society, culture and history in a humourous, satirical way by forcing our way through the igloos and the beavers to get to the heart of what it means to be Canadian. Canadians are a tricky people to distinguish. They are often able to blend into a society and appear to be American, British, French or any other number of nationalities. This site will provide you with some tips and tricks to help you recognize a Canadian no matter where you are.
Added on: 21-Jan-2009 Hits: 1811
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Category: Blogs

North American Union Resistance- Canada 
Description: North American Union Resistance-Canada is a Facebook group with a focus on fighting the SPP and their North American Union Agenda. The group is focused on Canadian related issue as we head down the road of deep integration.
Added on: 30-Mar-2009 Hits: 1241
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Category: Activist/Canadian Sovereignty

NWO Resistance Canada 
Description: Join Us! BE THE REVOLUTION!
Added on: 15-Jul-2009 Hits: 1109
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Category: Activist/Anti-globalisation

National Non Profit Party  
Description: We are the National Non Profit Party.ca A new federal political party. We do not want your money. We are the only national political party that does NOT accept donations. WE NEED YOU and THE NATION NEEDS YOU. We are a party of the People . Please look at our web site. http:// nnpp.ca We are looking for people to help us protect the people from the greedy money men and their corrupt politicians.
Added on: 23-Jul-2009 Hits: 1074
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Category: Government

Remove the privative clause from all the Workers'' Comprensation Acts across Canada and North Amer 
Description: Sec 96 of the workers'' Compensation Act of British Columbia Canada as example
Added on: 19-Jul-2009 Hits: 1069
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Category: Activist

Canadian Citizens Party 
Description: The Canadian Citizens Party is committed to the expansion of democracy in Canada and the belief that every Canadian citizen is important and has the right to dignity and security and to share in the prosperity of their nation.
Added on: 25-Sep-2009 Hits: 1019
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Category: Organization

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