Guidlines for Articles

  • Articles must be copyright free. Written in your own words or from a copy right free resource. If you get permission from the original author this is ok, but you must state so.
  • Wikipedia is a valuable source for copyright free information.
  • Please Spell check!!
  • Use of pictures is ok and encouraged, you can upload pictures through the interface.
  • Press the insert image button to upload a picture.
  • All submissions will be reviewed before being posted.
  • You may give yourself credit and website link at the bottom of the article. Your contact, website & blog will be shown at the top of the article.
  • If you are copying and pasting content from another webiste, be sure to press the remove format button to clean up the html code.
  • If your article has sub headings be sure to use the sites heading stlyes. The drop down list that says format lists them. Highlight the text then select a style.
  • Do not repeat the articles title in the Story Text box.
  • Editorials should be of substantial lengh, submissions that are one paragraph will be rejected. Editorials should also try and offer somewhat of an un-biased view on the topic. Purely personal oppinions might better be suited for a blogs.
  • If you have a suggestion for a new topic category, PM Site Admin.

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