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Canadian Politics This Year's 'Absolutely Must Not Read' Book. The Great Shift.
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Thursday, March 14 at 19:59 (4,139 reads)

THE GREAT SHIFT by John Ibbitson and Darrell Bricker may be this year's book NOT to read. 

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Canadian Politics Brigette DePape Is Half Right And Half Dangerously Wrong
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Monday, September 26 at 20:50 (5,859 reads)

Brigette DePape, the courageous page who stood with a "Stop Harper" sign in the Senate Chamber reading of the budget, has a message for Canadians.  It is half right and half dangerously wrong!

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Canadian Politics The May 2 Election Improper, Illegitimate, Null And Void.
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Wednesday, May 04 at 15:53 (7,113 reads)

The act of naming Stephen Harper and the Conservative Members of Parliament in Contempt of Parliament ruled out Mr. Harper's legitimacy as a candidate for the May 2, 2011 Election... and probably did the same for all Conservative members.  The Election as conducted, therefore, was illegitimate.  The evidence follows. Canadians must demand Elections Canada request a full review of the Elections Act by the Supreme Court of Canada in order to end any false claims of legitimacy by the Stephen Harper group.

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Canadian Politics Prime Minister Stephen Harper And Canadian War Crimes In Afghanistan
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Wednesday, May 04 at 15:52 (7,003 reads)

Torture has been a grim component of nearly every aspect of the current war in Afghanistan. Setting aside the behaviour of the Taliban regime and their Afghan opponents, the warlords of the Northern Alliance, which included grievous violations of human rights, US forces were involved in torture from almost the moment of their arrival in Afghanistan in late 2001.

In the years after 2001, the US government attempted to justify its invasion and occupation of Afghanistan through narratives of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that were based almost entirely on confessions elicited by torture from actual or suspected associates of Osama bin Laden.

And torture has been an integral part of the counterinsurgency tactics employed by the US, its NATO allies, and the Karzai regime. These tactics—involving infantry sweeps through communities in whose vicinity resistance has been encountered, more or less indiscriminate arrests, and the handing over of prisoners to the Afghan police or to the National Directorate of Security, whose ‘intelligence’ (based on torture) then serves as a guide to further arrests—have victimized large numbers of civilians, most of them people with no connection to the Afghan resistance.

Canada, as a practitioner of these tactics, has been implicated for at least the past six years in a detainee-torture scandal, one of whose consequences has been very serious damage to Canada’s international reputation. There is evidence that this scandal reaches to the very highest levels of the Canadian government.

full article

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In the course of researching my graduate thesis, I happened to consult Richard Gwyn’s book The Northern Magus: Pierre Trudeau and Canadians, wherein he described the enjoyment Trudeau took in crushing his political enemies. Later on, while reading Preston Manning’s book The New Canada, I noted Manning’s descriptions of how he and his fellow Reformers were accused of everything from racism to wanting to destroy the social safety net. In the modern era, we have Stephen Harper compared to Darth Vader and accused of wanting to militarize our streets with troops, while Michael Ignatieff’s citizenship is impugned and Stéphane Dion accused of “not being a leader” without any actual evidence to back it up...
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Canadian Politics Adolf Hitler. Stephen Harper. The Big Lie.
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Thursday, April 14 at 14:53 (13,195 reads)

The continuing anti-democratic behaviour of the Harper Conservatives is disturbing.  Canadians are going to have to consider if they are facing a neo-Fascist movement in formation.  Defence of Democracy by ordinary Canadians demands they consider the worst-case scenario ... and act on their conclusions.

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The "tidy-up" hearing in the Basi, Virk, and Basi case [the BC Rail Scandal] in the B.C. Supreme Court opens more questions than it answers.  What to do with the (expensive) thousands upon thousands of pages, tapes, etc. brought together at great cost and with great diffuculty over more than four years?  Was the judgement on the matter credible?  Did Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie serve the people of B.C. ... and "justice"?

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Canadian Politics It Appears We May Be Heading For An Election
Contributed by RickW on Wednesday, March 23 at 09:38 (5,518 reads)

And, if nothing else, please remember the utter contempt our present Prime Minister expressed for Canada, just over a decade ago.

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Under the gavel of Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie of the B.C. Supreme Court the (BC Rail Scandal) Basi, Virk, and Basi trial came to a horrendous, aborted end.  The Gordon Campbell government which effected the corrupt transfer of BC Rail to CNR paid all the costs ($6 million) of the Defence even though two of the three accused were convicted. Who is Anne MacKenzie, and what was the milieu in which she worked?

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Canadian Politics PM Harper As An Over Ripe Mango
Contributed by robertjb on Tuesday, March 22 at 09:47 (5,921 reads)


When a nation can be characterized as a bunch of over fertilized mushrooms led by an over ripe mango it is time for change.
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Canadian Politics James Travers. Rest In Peace. If You Can.
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Friday, March 11 at 09:31 (3,177 reads)

The early death of James Travers, national affairs columnist for the Toronto Star, at the early age of 62, has evoked genuine grief and mourning.  An award winning column Travers wrote in 2009 has been reprinted - and it opens the whole, ugly question of the failure of the Mainstream Press and Media in our time.

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Canadian Politics The Deplorable Legacy Of Brian Mulroney
Contributed by robertjb on Friday, March 04 at 09:18 (4,882 reads)


Stephen Harper as Brian Mulroney’s Frankenstein

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Canadian Politics The BC Rail Scandal.
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Saturday, February 26 at 12:17 (4,684 reads)

The latest development in the BC Rail Scandal suggests a complete breakdown in BC society.  Social media fight Mainstream Media openly - mirroring a breakdown of confidence in the courts, the RCMP, government probity.

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Canadian Politics ANOTHER Conservative Con Job?
Contributed by RickW on Tuesday, February 15 at 12:17 (2,533 reads)

Billions in shipbuilding contracts will make waves for Harper

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Canadian Politics A Letter To Gary Bass, RCMP Deputy Commissioner West
Contributed by Robin Mathews on Monday, February 14 at 09:33 (4,603 reads)

In recent days RCMP officers met with and gave information (or disinformation) about major figures in the BC Rail Scandal to a Vancouver blogger, some of which has been (internet) published.  The behaviour of RCMP officers is surprising and may be seriously unethical.

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