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Military PM Harper: Captive To International Arms Dealers
Contributed by robertjb on Friday, April 08 at 09:11 (2,762 reads)

Profiteering arms dealers have a captive audience when it comes to selling indolent NATO leaders over priced and inappropriate weaponry.
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Military Libya: The Objective Of
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Tuesday, March 29 at 20:51 (2,864 reads)

By Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

The Bombing of Civilian Targets

The objective is not to come to the rescue of civilians.

Quite the opposite. Both military as well as civilian targets have been pre-selected.

Civilian casualties are intentional. They are not the result of "collateral damage".

Early reports confirm that hospitals, civilian airports and government buildings have been bombed.

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Military Harper Missing The Point On F-35s
Contributed by robertjb on Wednesday, March 16 at 09:53 (3,260 reads)

From Embassy Magazine

The day after a non-partisan parliamentary report said the purchase of 65 F-35 stealth fighter jets would cost $30 billion, or twice what the government had originally projected, Prime Minister Stephen Harper came out swinging.

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Military The Militarization Of The Arctic And Its Strategic Resources
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Tuesday, December 07 at 21:38 (3,007 reads)
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Military The Stuxnet Bug
Contributed by Fiatlux2 on Monday, October 04 at 08:54 (2,443 reads)

Stuxnet worm heralds new era of global cyberwar

Attack aimed at Iran nuclear plant and recently revealed 2008 incident at US base show spread of cyber weapons.

The memory sticks were scattered in a washroom at a US military base in the Middle East< that was providing support for the Iraq war.

They were deliberately infected with a computer worm, and the undisclosed foreign intelligence agency behind the operation was counting on the fallibility of human nature. According to those familiar with the events, it calculated that a soldier would pick up one of the memory sticks, pocket it and – against regulations – eventually plug it into a military laptop.

It was correct.

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Military Robert Gates: 'We're Not Ever Leaving' Afghanistan
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Monday, October 04 at 08:50 (2,662 reads)

By Marcus Baram

In a shocking indication of a split between the White House and the Pentagon over the war in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Robert Gates believes that the U.S. military will never leave the war-torn country.

During a dinner hosted by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for Afghan President Hamid Karzai in May, Gates reminded the group that he still feels guilty for his role in the first President Bush's decision to pull out of Afghanistan after the Soviet withdrawal in 1989, according to Bob Woodward's new book, "Obama's Wars." And to express his commitment to not letting down the country again, he emphasized:

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By Dana Gabriel

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and the Russian Federation Air Force conducted a cooperative air defense exercise from August 8-11 that focused on combating terrorism.

Vigilant Eagle was hailed as a milestone exercise between the Cold War era rivals. It included Russian, U.S., along with Canadian Air Force personnel operating from command centers inside Russia and the United States directing fighter jets, as well as civilian air traffic controllers. It took several years to stage the drill which centered around, “an international air terrorism scenario exercised over the Pacific Ocean consisting of forces from the U.S. and Russia responding to the simulated hijacking of a B-757 en route to the Far East.”

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By Daniel Leblanc

The Conservative publicity machine scrambled into action as a common confrontation between Canadian and Russian military planes turned into a campaign for $16-billion in new fighter jets.

The story started on Wednesday when NORAD officials spotted two incoming planes, identified as Russian TU-95 long-range bombers, heading toward Labrador.

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Military This Is What Our Soldiers Are Dying For In Afghanistan.
Contributed by Fiatlux2 on Thursday, July 29 at 09:15 (2,241 reads)

July 26, 2010 02:18:32 PM PDT


Wikileaks has opened the spigot on what appears to be the biggest intelligence leak in history, but opinions are sharply divided as to whether it constitutes a courageous act of patriotism or an irresponsible act of treason. One thing that seems certain, though, is that the days when the government could exercise tight control over dissemination of information are gone.

In what's been called the "biggest leak in intelligence history," more than 90,000 classified military documents about the war in Afghanistan came to light on Sunday and are wreaking havoc in political circles around the globe.

Covering the period from January 2004 to December 2009, the reports were published Sunday by whistle-blowing site Wikileaks while analyses of the included material appeared simultaneously in The New York Times, The Guardian and German outlet Der Speigel.

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Military Harper, Obama And The Impossible Fat Albert
Contributed by robertjb on Monday, July 19 at 14:48 (2,509 reads)

To keep Fat Albert really happy and well fed other countries are coerced into buying war toys they don’t need and can’t afford. Thus we have Canada about to buy 65 F-35 fighters at an astounding 140 million dollars each.

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Military Future U.S.-Canada Joint Arctic Security And Control
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Wednesday, June 30 at 14:01 (2,537 reads)

By Dana Gabriel

The Arctic has been the subject of dispute between Canada, Denmark, the U.S., Russia and Norway with each country taking steps to expand their scientific research and military presence. Its vast untapped oil, natural gas and mineral resources represent a tremendous economic potential, but control of the region is also important from a strategic standpoint. Increased cooperation and military integration could be used to further secure interests in the area. Canada and Denmark recently signed an agreement which will promote defence and security collaboration in the Arctic. In August, Canadian Forces operations in the far North will include Danish and American participation. There are also calls for U.S.-Canada joint security of North America’s Arctic waters and skies.

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Military Murder Capital Of The World
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Monday, March 29 at 10:49 (2,173 reads)

by Laura Carlsen

On January 31, an armed commando unit pulled up to a house in a working-class neighborhood in Ciudad Juarez on the Mexican side of the border with the United States. Inside the house, 60 teenagers were celebrating a friend's birthday. Wielding high-caliber weapons, the commandos opened fire on the kids, robbed the house, then drove away from the scene — amid human cries, the scent of gunpowder, and the total absence of law enforcement officials.

To date, 16 people are dead as more lie wounded in the local hospital. Photographs capture the concrete floors stained with blood, the bereaved families, the frightened neighbors. Local residents interviewed in the aftermath of the tragedy called the security forces "useless." Fearing to give their names, they noted that the gunmen entered the neighborhood, hunted down the victims, and passed right by a group of soldiers in the vicinity.

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Military Feds To Reduce Growth In Defence Spending
Contributed by NAUWATCH on Friday, March 05 at 15:41 (3,002 reads)

The federal government will reduce its previously planned growth in spending on the Canadian Forces in 2012, after Canada's mission in Afghanistan comes to an end.

In a section of the Budget 2010 document titled "Restraining Growth in National Defence Spending," the finance department says the reduction is part of its effort to restrain overall growth in spending and to balance the budget in the medium term.

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Military What Harper Government REALLY Thinks Of Canadian Military
Contributed by RickW on Sunday, January 31 at 10:21 (3,332 reads)

July 11, 2009
The federal government confirmed Wednesday it will spend $5 billion to purchase new combat vehicles and maintain the existing fleet for the Canadian Forces. Defence Minister Peter MacKay made the announcement at CFB Gagetown in Oromocto, N.B., after word of the new funding leaked out on Tuesday.

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